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 articles I LIKED

Here are some articles I particularly like about art, design and fashion. I often struggle to find a good place to read about fashion and design, and hopefully this can be a good outlet for that.

The power of personal style in phantom thread - brandon taylor (New Yorker)

The visual detail, strategic shots and romantic music in Phantom Thread are spectacular.  Taylor does a fantastic job of revealing how the costumes and design contribute to the immaculacy of the scenes without assigning too much meaning to them. Read more about this in the article.

LUMPS AND BUMPS AT Comme des Garçons S/S97 - Osman ahmed (another magazine)

This article details the use of the fabric and the silhouettes to explain Rei Kawakubo's intentions when putting on such an experimental show. While shocking, both now and when it was released, these pieces push one to think about how the power of fashion and design can lead to questions about fundamental social shortcomings.